A lovely, mild, overcast day at the delta

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Today was a lovely, mild, overcast day at the delta. In attendance were the usual suspects; Buster, Leilanni, and Cooper. They hit the ground running and enjoyed some much overdue sprinting and romping in the big field before settling in for some serious doggy hiking and sniffing. As we neared the water, they got down to business munching on some of the still plentiful early summer beach grass. Leilanni disappeared temporarily and then came sprinting back, soaking wet and proudly announcing her discovery of the river with a big shake. Then it was off to the races, and after a bit of swimming, Cooper got his second wind of peeling out, barking, and other foolishness just as Buster and Leilanni dawned their “I’m starting to get tired so leave me alone now” expressions. Ahh, Coopie, we love you too, Buddy. All in all, it was a blast. A typical, beautiful summer morning at the Delta!


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