Lazy Wednesday

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Today it’s supposed to get hot, so we arrived at the Delta early, hoping to catch the last of the morning chill.  It’s amazing how fast I can actually get places when I don’t have a toddler in tow!  Is this what my life used to be like?  I don’t remember.   It was indeed still nice and cool in the shade, but nevertheless the kids were more than ready for a cold drink of water when we reached the river.  it was quiet and mellow at the rivers edge, and after a few drinks and some sniffing around, we went to play in the tall grass.  Buster got one of his sudden spurt’s of energy, channeling his inner puppy as he does so well, and sprinted around a bit before settling in to munch on some choice blades.  Somehow he manages to get himself camouflaged even in bright green midsummer grass!  Another long drink of water, and then it was back to the trail, heading for Bluebell and some air conditioning.

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  • Ariel Schilawski

    Sophia, I love your web site and wish you all the very best with your new business! You will no doubt be very successful, knowing what a special and wonderful person you are!

    • Sophia

      Thank you so much!

  • Patti Davis

    Thanks for including the goofy Cooper boy. I love coming home to a tired dog. I feel less guilty about having to leave him every day.

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