Blackberry Heaven

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In case you were wondering, the blackberries are ripe, delicious, and ready for the picking!  On Tuesday, the dogs and I went down to the river with Edith in tow and spent a couple of hours wandering around.  I think Edith ate her weight in blackberries!  Buster and Leilanni didn’t partake, but I was reminded of a wonderful Boxer dog we had, Buddy, now deceased, who would graze the bushes in the Summertime, picking blackberries with his lips.  I miss that boy.  On a separate note, Edith has been insisting on wearing this fleece “Minnie” hat constantly lately (in 95+ degree heat).  The sweatier her little head gets, the happier she is 😉  We wanted to bring some blackberries home for Daddy but we didn’t have a pail.  Oh well, next time!


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