Hi! My name is Sophia Miller and I have been a proud dog mom for as long as I can remember. Although I am also the mother of a small human now, I often refer to her as “my youngest” if that gives you a clue as to how I feel about my dogs 😉 I am a mom, a wife, a yoga teacher, a former preschool teacher, and an ardent dog lover. Delta Dog Walkers was born out of a strong belief in the adage, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

The Sandy River Delta area, where the Columbia and Sandy Rivers merge in gorgeous Troutdale, Oregon, consists of over 1,000 acres of breathtakingly beautiful land and its associated wildlife, including forests, wetlands, meadows, fields, and the Sandy River beach. Dog families from all over the Portland metro area find a home away from home here, 7 days a week. My family counts itself among these lucky families, and the Delta truly has become a part of me.

This is what I love; hiking on this land that has always been there, under my boots, on days that were incredibly challenging, and on easy, joy filled days. I walk side by side with the dogs that I love, through the intense beauty and mystery of the natural world and it’s changing seasons. I walk through mud, rain, mosquitoes, and sunburns, dreaming and thinking and worrying and loving and regretting and hoping, and letting go.

I know and feel that I am part of a community of dog families who are truly fed by this place, and by the hilariously untidy collection of grinning dogs that give this land its light and humble spirit. That spirit, untouched by human complexity, eases the human mind. My dream is to share this special place with dog families who, for whatever reason, are unable to get out here themselves, but who want their dogs to enjoy this amazing land. I use the word family because I don’t believe families are created by human children, or by marriages or partnerships alone. Your family consists of whoever holds you and loves you and is held and loved by you, day in and day out, and for many of us, that is our dogs.

My commitment to you is that I will care for your dogs as if they were part of my own family, and to honor their unique personalities and temperaments, while setting clear, consistent boundaries. I will work to build a relationship that is based on respect, trust, and communication, both with you and with your dog(s). My hope is for a long and joyous relationship, full of hours of romping, prancing, swimming, and digging, so please let me know how I can better serve you and your family. I’m so excited to begin this journey with you!